Embrace the Shit


My husband had me laughing so hard on your walk with our dogs Saturday morning.  We got tangled up with the dogs and their leashes which is not unusual but he had a bag of dog poop that he casually hugged me with as we were untangling.  The smell made my eyes tear but the jokes we made as we continued on just had me laughing harder.  First I said, “well I can see how you finally feel about me” with a little smirk on my face.  He, not sure what I meant by that, looked at me inquisitively.  Not being aware of what he had done, I teased him saying, “hugging me with a bag of poop.”  He immediately apologized which was unnecessary but at that point we started with the “I guess you want me to hug the shit” and “Life is full of shit” and so on.  Then he said “Embrace the Shit” and I knew right then, that yes, we all must embrace the shit!!!








So here are some things to embrace.  You can certainly add your own too!

1. Criticism: So many people just tell you what you want to hear, which, newsflash: simply isn’t helpful! I completely admire when someone can candidly point out places where growth is possible. The ability to kindly give criticism or advice is important for growth. It pushes us, inspires us to be better, helps us see a new perspective, and grounds us. Asking for an opinion brings clarity and you avoid the guessing game.  Now let’s be clear here.  If you value the criticism it is because it is coming from someone we respect, admire or who is doing the thing we want to do.

2. Working: Are you familiar with that feeling of being unemployed for an extended period of time?  Two months, four months, maybe six months?  Now does that feeling include having the time of your life? It’s one big, never-ending weekend, right? NOT!  I would guess that you are stressing about money, worried about the future, and watching much more Netflix, ESPN or On Demand TV than is healthy. Work is good. Routine is healthy. Even too much free time can become monotonous.

3. Ending Relationships: Breakups are tough. You will miss that person. It can be a friendship or a romance.  Either way, there will probably be tears. But take it from personal experience, numerous times and ending more ways than I care to mention here, you will  move on, you will realize that you can be a much more complete person when there isn’t someone around who was dragging you down, when there isn’t someone by your side who was no longer bringing out the best in you. You will have more time for the things and people you love, and yourself.

4. Anxiety: Anxiety is the stuff of life. I believe fear can also be another word for anxiety.  If you choose to embrace it you will conquer it.  That effort produces energy, motivation, and enthusiasm.

5. When people don’t like you: If you spend your whole life people-pleasing, then everyone might think your great. Be proud of being yourself.  Be proud of the person you have worked so hard to be.  Don’t spend time and energy acting and being someone you are not just to please someone else.  As my husband likes to say, “Don’t measure yourself by someone elses yardstick.”  If someone does not like you let them go and move on.

6. Going to the doctor: Everyone complains when they have to go to the doctor.  Personally, I would not be alive if it weren’t for doctors!  I love them even when I hate going to see them.

7. Tough times:  Tough times don’t feel great in the moment, let yourself feel that, be a mess. It is okay. However, also remember that those feelings won’t last forever. When emotions change and you are able to move on, there will be growth, new understandings, the capability to be more empathetic towards others, and possibly even appreciation for all the feelings that just had to be felt.

8. Some YOLO: Might be one of the most obnoxious things to hear being yelled out loud,written on a tee-shirt, pocketbook or wallet , or how about hashtagged on Instagram. Yet, when it comes to life a little bit of YOLO is a good and powerful thing. Live with passion, with reckless abandon, live like this opportunity might not ever come your way again.

Remember to always Stay Positive – Accept Help – Be Flexible – Find the Humor in it!


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