Allison Bottke has written many books.  One that resonates with me these days is “Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children.”  It outlines six steps to help, to give hope and healing to struggling parents.  It is a powerful book and I encourage you to pick it up if you are in need of suggestions, encouragement, hope and help with your boundaries.

Here are the six easy steps to SANITY:

S – STOP your own negative behavior (especially the flow of money!)

A – ASSEMBLE a support group

N – NIP excuses in the bud

I – IMPLEMENT rules and boundaries

T -TRUST your instincts

Y – YIELD everything to God (“let go, and let God”)


So reading this over I am ashamed to say I have fallen out of sanity recently and need a wake up call.  No I will not sit here and beat myself up or whip myself for being human.  This is hard stuff and the lines will blur but focus is a must!  So today I pledge to re-open my book and maybe you will join me.  I will do the work necessary to get things back on track and I will enjoy this holiday season and remember all the reasons we celebrate.


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