0 to 60


Time: Weekly Photo Challenge

0 to 60

0 to 60…that’s what you said
I fell hard, I fell fast. Yes!
TIME: blink of an eye
The heart cannot deny the way that it feels

0 to 60…that’s the beginning of love
We are exceptional, there is no doubt
TIME: day by day
We’ll take our time and feel our love grow
Making moments turned memories

0 to 60…my moments with you
Love, laughter and comfort
TIME: hour by hour
The fastest, most fleeting and hardest of all
For that time before I must leave you
My heart and soul flood
With everything I have taken, have learned and have shared
I go breathless with a silent wish for time to stop
Stop so I can breathe and take you in

0 to 60…never when we are apart
My days aren’t as bright and my nights, much too long
TIME: second by second
Slow and ordered
I search you in pictures – in my room and my mind
Allow thoughts to wander to another place and time
A time when we walked, rested or played
A time we shared secrets and sweet, intimate strokes
A time not too far off when I will see you again!
A time in the future, if God gives us that gift
When my 0 to 60 becomes a minute’s gift in our lives
My 0 to 60 no longer mine but ours…
As we share
Our seconds
Our moments
Our days and our nights
Our months and our years
From that time for eternity

Poem by Lea Austen

Written while I was dating my now husband!

Time plays such tricks on us when we are in love.  It can move too fast, or not fast enough!  It can be slow and seemingly endless.

5 thoughts on “0 to 60

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  2. Beautiful 🙂 So true when we fall in love isn’t it? Time seems to either not be enough, or goes too fast. Or stands still in those glorious moments. The interesting bit is to keep that love alive and choose each other after that crazy first stage passes, and life happens. Approaching our 6th year of a “find-each-other-again-in-midlife” marriage, this piece strikes a chord with me as to how important it is to reflect on the beauty and grace of those initial days with our beloveds:) Thanks so much for sharing.


      • Ahh..we certainly do enjoy the journey 🙂 Grateful every single day for the love that is shared, and the safe place to be one’s self. Your beautiful photos just reminded me of how very blessed we are 🙂 Thank you again for that.

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