Graceful – Photography


Once in awhile I am blessed with watching this site from my back door. My husband and I live on a beautiful piece of property that sits on a marsh in Charleston, SC.  The views we have at sunrise and sunset, on cold days and warm, at high tide and low – are are equally stunning and capture a feeling and emotion that I breathe in every day.  As I have written in an earlier blog post, I choose a word to live with each year and in 2017 my word is “GRACE.”  When this challenge appeared to find something we thought was graceful it was hard because that brings up so many pictures in my head and could post countless images of people, places and things that I consider to have grace.  Grace-ful to me has movement – elegant, fluid, natural.  That is what I see in this photo.  I hope you enjoy my view!

5 thoughts on “Graceful – Photography

    • Hi Tina
      Thanks for the comment and I actually live on the Stono in West Ashley. I love Kiawah and get to go out your way for family photo sessions and weddings from time to time. I am a pro photographer here. I am looking forward to checking out your blog.


  1. Great Shot! There’s just so much energy in this shot.
    You’re a pro photographer so i would definitely want to know your opinion on some of my shots. Thank You! 🙂


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