Lines – Photo Challenge

The Battery Spring 2018
Lea Austen Photography

While I was waiting for a client a few weeks ago I shot this photo of the beautiful park we were meeting in.  This is White Point Garden, or The Battery, located at the bottom of the Charleston Peninsula.  It is a graceful and welcoming place.  Families, tourists, photographers and clients, weddings and surprise proposals, along with the joggers, dog walkers and blanket sitters can be found here.

This week’s challenge had to do with lines.  Like Cheri, I chose a photo where you have the graceful almost whimsical curves of the live oaks nestled around the gazebo with its columns and octagonal shape.  I also love the way the four paths intersect creating the spaces of this garden.

If you ever come to this beautiful city, spending time here is well worth the sit!  If you close your eyes and breath in the sounds and smells you may even be transported to another time.


3 thoughts on “Lines – Photo Challenge

  1. Lea, The Battery is one of my favorite places in Charleston, SC! Those very old trees with limbs outstretched towards the ground then back up. I live in Savannah, Georgia. My husband Neal and I have sat in that park many times because we love its tranquility looking out over the river.

    We were just in Charleston last weekend for a wedding.

    I loved your picture! Thank you for sharing!

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