World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2020: History and significance during the Covid-19  pandemic - health - Hindustan Times

Today is World Mental Health Day. A day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy to demonstrate that there is no health without mental health. Dis-ease in the body comes in many forms. When you think about the power of the brain in the functioning of our daily lives, honestly, we can’t live without it. Just like we can’t live without our heart pumping and our lungs breathing.

Covid has brought unprecedented levels of stress to many. Frontline workers, including doctors, nurses, store clerks, teachers, fire and police have had more levels of stress and anxiety. Worries over contracting the virus or passing it to family and friends, financial pressures and long work weeks have added to the dis-ease they, as we all, can feel.

It IS OKAY to NOT be OKAY right now!

And there is help for you or someone who needs help and support. NAMI has great resources available as do many local mental health centers. Making an appointment to speak to a therapist during difficult times may be the best way to deal with feelings of worry, stress and anxiety and to help get you through these times.

For those who suffer from depression, anxiety and the amusement park of mental health diagnoses, your journey right now may seem even greater as you work to get to a place of health and well-being. Again, remember these are unprecedented times and we are all feeling the effects. I pray you find your voice and your support system to help you through.

Ask for help.

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