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When I was a kid, Christmas was my favorite holiday, hands down! Special decorations, shiny things, presents and all the traditions that only come in December.   As I have gotten older, the magic of Christmas morning has changed to a profound awareness of thanksgiving and gratitude during the Thanksgiving season.

Maybe because with each passing year, the thread of my life gets shorter and so do the opportunities to say thank you, to remind someone how precious they are and to acknowledge their imprint on my journey.

Many of you know, my mantra is living my life in gratitude and I hold on to a number of profound statements that I hope keep me authentic.  There are scripture verses and those four agreements that Ruiz shares, but one that I feel can be an umbrella to them all is Ram Dass; “we are all walking each other home.”

I am aware of my flaws and imperfections and I am humbled when I think about all the people who are in my life to teach me. Thank you for being alongside me, behind me, and in front of me.  Thank you for being there for decades, years, seasons, weeks or just a day.

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