Up-side Down World


The healthy are sick
The sick are healthy
Some days this is how I see the world
Healthy people with sick heads, sick thoughts, sick intentions
Sick people with strong heads, healthy thoughts, healthy desires
This is a messed up, up-side-down world
The haters hate and hurt innocent, loving people
The kind are left wounded and hurt and trying to understand the incomprehensible
When will it stop?
When will the guns, and bombs and swords be put down?
When will we look at each other with compassion and love?
When will we finally right ourselves enough to see that we are all human beings,
That all lives matter, that our differences are beautiful and to be appreciated or at least tolerated?
Let us not let terror reign.
Look up, pray for peace. Reach out to one person and encourage them to do the same.
Let’s make a new world, a right-side up world for our children and generations to come

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