A Dog’s Life


I am the proud owner of two wonderful rescue dogs.  They are not going to win any beauty contests either!  Waylon is a pit mix and Willie we think may be part alien.  If you think you know what we are dealing with please let us know!  I am not about to spend the cash on a DNA test when I can use that money to for more worthwhile things like Starbucks Coffee and brow waxing.  So back to the Highway Men who live in my house.  They may be off- putting to look at for some, I can tell you that their hearts would win the Mr. Universe contest.  We rescued them a little over a year ago so we have had plenty of time to get to know them, study their personalities and hire the best dog trainer around to make them great pets.  Seriously, just a quick plug here for my friend Ed Diaz.  He is the DOG WHISPERER of Sullivan’s Island.  I think he and Cesar Millan would be great friends.

The first day Ed came over his first goal was to get Waylon to lie down and be submissive.  Well that wasn’t going to happen without a fight I can tell you that!  Waylon would not under any circumstances let out that sigh of a breath Ed was waiting to hear.  So what happened?  I am glad you asked!  Ed promptly laid down on top of Waylon until he relaxed.  NO kidding.  That was in the first three minutes of meeting all of us!  So now we have these two semi-trained dogs.  I guess if Ed were here very day their behavior would be stellar but alas, I am no dog whisperer and some days I just overlook the bad behavior because in the scheme of things is it REALLY that bad?

I think a dog living in a loving house has an amazing life.  It’s like living in America and having the opportunity to live the dream.  Here are just a few of the benes I can think of:

  • a home without a payment
  • a bed that they never have to change the sheets on (who doesn’t love good smells right)
  • toys and babies to destroy and more toys and ropes to pull on and more toys and bones
  • a built in playmate in the case of Willie and Waylon
  • food that obviously tastes great because it is always a clean plate club in this house – Oh, and no cooking!
  • treats
  • walks (exercise)
  • napping….whenever and where-ever!  I like that one personally
  • lots of love from the humans

So where do I sign up!  Really if you read an ad that offered these things who would turn it down.

My dogs teach me so much.  Their unconditional love, their gratitude, their carefree abandon and loyalty.  I want to be more like my dogs.

Today I will embrace a dog’s life and see what happens.

One thought on “A Dog’s Life

  1. I love the photo. No question that your dogs are loved. Could it be that when Dad and I would say we had “four hairy children and 2 furry ones” that that rubbed off????


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