Happy Father’s Day


I have every good intention of posting over the course of the last month.  I wish I had a good excuse but I honestly don’t.  The best and most honest answer would be that life got in the way and this was obviously not a priority or it would have been done just as laundry, house cleaning, shopping and going to work all get done.  I have missed this and I am grateful to be sitting here, taking a few moments to write before I go to church.

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Charleston.  The weather the past week or so has felt like the middle of August with heat indexes over 100 and humidity that leaves you more than dewy.  After the crazy storm two nights ago we have enjoyed cooler temps and lower humidity making everyone just a bit more energetic!  These days are priceless.  They will not last long so I for one have been making sure I get the most out of them.  Getting up earlier, drinking my coffee outside, having cocktail hour down by the marsh, biking and taking long walks with my husband and dogs.

Today is also Father’s Day.  I have been blessed to have my dad around for all the years I have been on this earth, (52 1/2 to be exact).  He is such an inspiration.  I know I can speak for my brother and two sisters when I say we love our dad and appreciate all he has taught us about life, love, generosity, and faith.  I pray we have many more Father’s Days to celebrate with him on this earth.  Today I am grateful for one more.

When I think of my dad I think of:

hard work – the law – Ballentine Ale – sweat bands – piano music – singing – cooking – messes – clam bakes – political exchanges – friendships – travel – Florida – Black Russians – White Russians – wine – pasta at midnight – painting – loud talking – naps – ear aches – birthday treats – the land – the cottage – nicknames – LIVING BIG

That’s my dad.


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