Better Late Than Never

Wow!  The summer came and went so fast.  I had so many good intentions of posting throughout the summer but I didn’t.  You have to get back on the horse sometime and better late than never right?  Funny how those statements can make me feel so much better 🙂

My summer was busy, yes.  But not so busy that I could not take time to post.  I checked out.  My photography work kept me busy and really took all my “happy” energy every day.  My mentally ill daughter was living at home and with no car, I was her means of transportation to work, meetings and other events she requested to go to.  I prayed daily for her, and still do, to start making better choices but sadly she is not there yet.  It does depress me.  I do feel helpless and sad.  I also feel angry, mad and frustrated.  Those three “c’s” chant in my head like a mantra…

So I am turning the page.  She is out of our home again.  I am moving into a time of busy social activities and less business for a time.  I am looking forward to cooler mornings, walks with the dogs, coffee with my husband and travel.  A weekend in the mountains, listening to a great concert, attending a Broadway musical, trips to DC and Tucson, my 35th high school reunion are gifts I am going to cherish.

I am grateful that I can forgive myself for my mistakes.  I am grateful that God forgives me even more!  I am so glad I can keep on writing even after two months off.

Catch ya later!602382_486394408057472_502052500_n


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