Celebrating Earth Day

It was so hard to choose just ONE image to show off my love of “earth” – especially here in the Lowcountry where I call home.  I wake up every morning so incredibly grateful to call this my home and to appreciate the wonders of nature around me.  Sunrises and sunsets where I can feel the angels above me.  Water that reminds me just how small I am in great scheme of life that not only keeps me grounded but humble.  Our majestic live oak trees.  The one pictured here is the “Angel Oak” and it is over 60 feet tall and over 400 years old.  The gorgeous marshland behind our home and all over our coastal community are home to so many animals and birds.  They also help with protecting our barrier islands and provides food for fish and wildlife as well!  I hope you enjoy some of the sites I see daily here in Charleston!

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day

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