To reach

shaped by thoughts

we are what we think

As I pass from here to there, and then to now

my condition is changed, I become __________

That blank is open, infinite, fluid – changing minute to minute

As I become, staying present in this  precious moment in time
I am different now

No beginning or ending, just becoming

May I be worthy and may I be grateful for this precious gift

as I being to be again and again and again…..

by Lea Austen


I have been mediating on the word “become” for a few days now.  We use the word “become” quite frequently in our daily conversations.  Statements like “I have become (verb- angry, sad, excited) about or because of some experience or event”.  Maybe it goes like this, ” So and so became a (noun- preacher, firefighter, teacher)”, or ” The weather became sunny after the rain this morning.”  Whatever the use, the word “become” in its simplest definition is “begin to be”.

I really like that, BEGIN TO BE.  It is empowering to me.  I feel like the word become gives me permission to move forward every moment.  It is positive!  I can begin to be AGAIN even after something uncomfortable or negative or embarrassing happens.  I don’t have to stay there, stuck, owning some sort of misery and unhappiness.  My personal “BECOME” allows me to begin to be again!

Face it, some times we just don’t get our way.  We don’t get what we want.  The big dream we had just does not manifest they way we had hoped it would.  There are so many events, large and small that influence our lives and the way we view ourselves not only on a personal level but in how we believe the world views us.  I know that these beliefs are not always healthy and we need to dig deep and find our higher power to overcome some of the challenges and road blocks that we face.  It’s easy to walk around grateful and thankful when things are going our way, but what about those other times.  How do we handle the disappointments?  The word origin is a great place to start.  Becoming what we are could be understood as happening, an occurrence that we may not have envisioned or planned, but which has put us in a position from which we learn our own life lessons while teaching something to others as well.  I believe that some knowledge, some gift, something of value is given to us when we follow our path. So as I continue my journey I choose to be grateful for each moment, and use the time I have wisely!

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