Unusual – photo challenge


Unusual – Photo Challenge

So I was trying to decide on my something “unusual” for the photo challenge.  I have not posed in awhile and I wanted to be thoughtful in my selection.  Being a professional photographer and having my camera with me pretty much ALL THE TIME, I do spot some unusual things, events, and people.  Living in Charleston, SC, we have very hot and humid summers, short yet stunningly beautiful springs and most of winter feels like fall with a few days or weeks that could constitute winter-like weather. Back in 2014 we had an ice storm that pretty much shut down Charleston.  Our biggest bridge, the Arthur Ravenel, shut down due to gigantic icicles forming and then falling onto cars and the roadway.  In January, the camellias are beginning to bloom and they suffered from the freeze.  Here are some of the photos I shot just around our home.

4 thoughts on “Unusual – photo challenge

  1. How lovely. I remember the freeze. The palm trees on the island had a surreal look to them. No one expects to see palm tree fronds bending low and laden with ice.


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