Ouch! I hurt my shoulder

About a month ago I hurt my rotator cuff lifting weights at my gym.  I am learning that just because I FEEL like I am in my 20’s does not mean my body agrees and my “body age” reminded me of this loud and clear.  The other crappy thing about hurting yourself as you age is that it takes twice or three times as long to heal as it would if you had the same injury thirty years earlier.  I just don’t have time to wait!  I want to GO, GO, GO!

In an effort to speed up my healing and knowing I have a deadline to make sure I am better for the start of my yoga teacher training, I sought out lots of help.  Here is what I have done to help my shoulder, back and neck.  Maybe this will help one of you too should you “chink up” your shoulder.

  1. ICE – ICE – ICE!  Ice baby as much as you can.
  2. Aleve.  The doctor said double up the dose two every 12 hours.  Short term mind you.  This stuff can hurt you if you take too much for too long.
  3. PT.  I have learned so much from my therapist, Dana.  Great stretches and exercises.  Her massages feel great but the muscle pinching – well I will just say “OUCH!”
  4. ACUPUNCTURE.  Actually heading that direction shortly.  I have been going twice a week for orthopedic acupuncture and wow it works! A little “stim” is good too.
  5. REST.  This has been the hardest piece of advise to follow.  I am slinging cameras, walking my pit bulls (really the are pulling me) and just life in general don’t make it easy.

Check out the many ideas online for easy exercises for women over 50.  There are tons of websites with lots of helpful tips for stretching, strength and stability training and just plain moving your body.  We women also need to remember to check our bone density and watch for signs of osteoporosis.  Falling and breaking bones is easily done and exercise helps prevent that from happening.  I also know that some just hate the idea of exercise.  If you are one of those ladies, maybe you can just play one or two of your favorite get off your feet and dance songs and shake it for five minutes.  One of my many motto’s is, “There is always a reason to dance. ”

So get up and get moving!  Just don’t hurt yourself.

Stay healthy my friends




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