My Favorite Place – Photo Challenge

Sunrise on the Beach

If I were on the newlywed game with my husband and he was asked to share what his wife’s favorite place was, he would would tap his left shoulder because that is where I lay my head each night before going to sleep.  It is there I tell him that I love him and that right “here” is my favorite place to be.  While that is 100% true there is a place I frequent that also is a favorite place for me, especially when I want to be alone or reflect.  That place is the beach.

I grew up on Long Island Sound in Southern Connecticut and after living some years away from the ocean, I made my way back to the beach years ago.  Having lived away from the ocean made me realize just how much I NEEDED the ocean and how drawn I am to time away there.  Being at the beach at sunrise, ushering in a new day, feeling connected to the universe and God, and reminding myself just how small I am (problems too) is truly my favorite place to escape. It puts it all in perspective and focus for me.  I am blessed to have a photography company that allows me to spend time on the beach meeting with families and helping them make memories there.  I believe I help them see what I see as well.  My prayer is that everyone can at least once in their lifetime experience the beauty, wonder and majesty of the ocean.  Whether I spend the early hours there or during the day with many others enjoying the sun and sand and playing in the water, or at the end of the day when the golden light of sunset is falling, I can find joy in every moment.


9 thoughts on “My Favorite Place – Photo Challenge

  1. I have to agree. There is something about the beach that is so relaxing. I think God every day for the opportunity to walk it at dawn with the love of my life.


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  4. I probably shouldn’t admit this online, but every time I have to answer the security question “Where is your favorite place?”, I always answer “the beach”. I won’t say which beach, it doesn’t matter, but it is definitely a beach. Of course I love the sun, sand and surf, and my wonderful memories of many childhood trips to the beach. But what I love the most about the beach is the perpetual sense of change, rebirth and renewal that I get whenever I am anywhere near the beach. Every day at the beach is an adventure. No two days at the beach are ever the same. If I don’t like what I see, I can walk down the beach and find an ever changing display of God’s creatures around me. The people, the seagulls, the seashells, the sand crabs, the crashing waves and salt air; It is a virtual smorgasbord for the senses! If I feel troubled or overwhelmed by whatever is going on in my head, I like to look at all the beautiful multi-colored shells on the beach. The shells remind me that we all have different shapes, sizes and purposes, and that even after being tumbled and tossed by the waves, and chipped and broken, we can still bring delight to those around us. The beach also shows me that no matter how hard my problems may seem to me, they are really insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I can always rely on the gentle, rhythmic sound of the waves to encourage me to breathe fully, deeply, in and out, until my mind is clear and my soul renewed. I am reborn. Ahhh!


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