Awakening – Photo Challenge

My husband and I recently took a trip to Tucson to visit family.  We chose to add a few days on to the trip to enjoy some time in Sedona by ourselves.  I have always loved Sedona.  Beyond the “mystical” fascination that draws so many to the area, I am in awe of the rock formations, their unique color and the way the landscape changes in every direction.  For this weeks photo, “Awakening“, I immediately thought of this trip and some of the incredible photos I shot.

This one of Cathedral Rock at sunrise gives me chill bumps each time I look at it.  It is like a painting and at the same time has movement and purpose somehow.  Sunrises always draw me in.  Living in coastal South Carolina, we have some amazing sunrises and I take advantage of them.

As you stand in darkness and watch the dawn there is not only a sense of the day awakening, but for me, my own awakening!  It is the spiritual permission to begin fresh and anew that draws me in and draws me to God.

How blessed are we.  There is so much magnificence in nature.  To be present.  To breathe and to awaken our body, mind and spirit each day!

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