How to Make the BEST Sandcastle | Summer Beach Resort

Impermanence.  That which is not permanent.  How quickly in your mind can you make a list of things that are impermanent? How long would that list be?  Answers:  quickly and long.  That is life.

I am always surprised but never really shocked at how my morning readings and meditations flow together.  Today for example, my app that I use to do a quick morning meditation in my miracle morning routine focused on the idea of impermanence and how children might react differently to a sand castle being taken by a wave.  Would you the child who cries and grieves the loss or would you be the one to pick up the shovel and bucket and begin again?  How many sand castles have succumbed to the crashing waves and we repeat the same reaction?

The book of Ecclesiastes and my beloved part of scripture that talks about there being a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the sun became my morning bible reading and reflection.  God had made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11.  Life may be unpredictable, filled with separation, disappointments and frustrations.  These are not permanent just as the joys, celebrations, successes and friendships are not.

I take great comfort in knowing that all of the ebbs and flows of my life, the hard times and the joy filled times all take place under God’s gaze.  There are seasons in nature, seasons in a life, seasons in the beginning and ending of an individual day.  I believe we are only asked to be present to the moment – each one as it comes and goes, knowing that neither the pain or the joy will stay.

I pray you can learn to pick up your shovel and pail when your sand castle topples over, watch with wonder as the place is washed clean and being fully present, take the next moment to begin again.

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