The Way Forward is Through

What Blocks Your Personal Growth - A Path Appears

“The world has been turned upside down, and we’ve been whipsawed, not just by a pandemic, but by the fast-moving stories that went with it. It has disrupted our families, our lives and our projects as well. George Floyd’s murder became a wake-up call, a story that we can no longer ignore, a call to action as we each seek to make a difference. These tragedies remind us that we have work to do, but also that we are not helpless. We can speak up, stand up and lead, on whatever project is dear to us. We can create the future we want to see.

The way forward is through. Through empathy and through practice. We are each charged with standing up and telling our story, a true story of possibility, as we weave together a better future.”

Seth Godin

During my morning routine this morning I took a moment to read Seth’s blog post. There was an invitation to head to a different site where he was encouraging readers to sign up for a writing workshop to learn to be an effective storyteller.  Sounds amazing but I have to pass this round.  It is not the right time for me and while I would love this challenge, I believe it is also important to keep an eye on your priorities, goals and objectives.  For me, I have a huge learning curve with several projects right now that must take the front seat.  So, I am going to put this in the back pocket for when I can devote more time to it.

Back to his intro. I read these words and they resonated so I wanted to pass them on.  Everything he says here is true to me.  The world does feel upside down.  I miss and can literally mourn my life pre-covid.  But grief can carry us a couple of ways.  Grief can make us stop or it can propel us forward.  I am up for the challenge of the latter!  I started with the stop to be honest and that just did not sit well with me.  So I am welcoming this time to create the world I not only want to live in, but one I can see and help others thrive in.

The only way forward is to move…. move through. Practice is not perfect.  Fail forward.  Just don’t stop moving and growing and planting seeds for a better day for everyone.

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