How’s That Head Trash?

Taking Out Your Head Trash: Secrets of Top Performers

2020 has been a year! You are welcome to insert the kind of year it has been for you and it’s perfectly fine to have more than one adjective to describe it. We are on the back end with just a couple of months to go and a new year just around the corner.

Of course, COVID will still be in the picture so much of what we have been experiencing now, we will continue to feel into the new year for sure.

I am not surprised to read about the numbers of people who have found themselves in therapists offices this year. It honestly parallels the people I know in my my small corner of the world who are struggling. The issues are many and some of us who before this pandemic, were on a path to affirming, visualizing, manifesting and doing the hard work to reverse their head trash have only been dumped back in.

There are days my head trash feels like the city dump and I would be grateful for the garbage can. Wading thought ALL the limiting beliefs, the frustrations and fears – where to begin, its beyond overwhelming.

What is head trash?

Head trash is a negative belief you may have about your abilities, your products or yourself. It affects what you do and how you do it. The problem with head trash is that those negative beliefs become behaviors. The behaviors become feelings. The feelings become results (not the results you’re hoping for) For most people, negative beliefs are so deeply ingrained that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. But they may actually hinder you from reaching your goals. Learn to identify and overcome the head trash. Once you stop letting it hold you back, your new, positive scripts can start influencing your behaviors, feelings and results.

What can I do?

A few things that might help, and NO, these are not quick fixes unfortunately, include; identifying the head trash that is holding you back. Make a list of all the responsibilities you have in your role at work or in your personal life. Get help from team members, friends and family. Communicate! Let them know about the improvements you want to make and ask them to call you out when they see you going back to your old scripts. And finding a coach or getting some training might be the only way to get over it when the option of overcoming on your own seems to much.

My head trash right now is overwhelming. It interferes with my sleep, it consumes my thoughts at times. My answer to myself is to honor my feelings but don’t own them. Observe and then inquire. Start to peel back the layers again, one by one. Show self-compassion. Beating myself up won’t help either. And, take a step back. It’s a marathon. Slow down.

I’d love to hear how you deal with your head-trash. Maybe you are doing something that could benefit me or another reader.

Please share~

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