Photography – Anticipation


Ready to Ride!

Many years ago I took my son to the beach to surf and snapped this photo.  It was a cold morning and he was pumped to get out there in his wet-suit to enjoy the ocean he so loved.  We had moved to the beach from the mountains of Virginia so the joy of not having to wait for a vacation to see Grandparents and visit the beach was heaven to him.  He wanted me to take my camera so I could get a few shots of him catching a wave.  This photo was taken moments before he heading into the water.  I love how he is taking it all in! To this day, my now 24 year old son, still puts on the wet-suit on those cold days and heads to the beach for some time in the surf.  I just don’t have to drive him anymore.

6 thoughts on “Photography – Anticipation

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  3. How sweet a memory! Alec grew from an adorable young boy into a loving and caring gentle man. As his grandmother I could not be more proud of him. And my pride in you and your siblings knows no bounds as well.


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