Photo- New Horizon


New Horizon” target=”_blank”>The photo challenge this week was challenging you to think ahead and show your work in a representative photo.  Rather than a resolution I felt compelled to show something that you want to achieve — a rebirth of me!   2017 I hope will take me from a chrysalis to a butterfly.  I love this image for many reasons.  I love the way the blue of the wings jumps out from the green surroundings.  I see myself making a bold step – NOT blending in to the status quo or norm.  I love how the butterfly is perched ready to fly.  The possibilities of where, for how long and how far have yet to be determined.  I love how her wings are spread out to their fullest in both directions – open and ready to receive.  I could not think of a better image to represent my ‘New Horizon” for the coming year.

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