Angels among us!

I love angels.  I have always believed in angels and can feel their presence in my life. Heavenly angels and earthly ones who find themselves on a mission of comfort, kindness or reassurance. A whisper on the wind, a whiff of fragrance, a glint in the moonlight, a stray furry friend — angels sometimes hide in the everyday.

This morning I was up and out early with a very busy photo shoot day ahead of me. I am on a tight deadline for a local magazine and have been running here and there meeting clients for their photo shoots.  My car has had a slight steering wheel shake that became noticeably worse this morning.  As I arrived at my second appointment of the morning, I learned my client would not be able to make it and would need to reschedule.  This news meant I could take a few minutes at home before heading on to the next one.  The shaking really started bothering me so I made a last minute decision to scoot into my mechanics shop (where they know me by name and I have sent them on many a vacation I think) to ask them if they thought I could safely drive the car for a few more days when I had more time to take care of the problem.  Jason greeted me with a wave and a smile.  He stopped working on the car above his head and came right over to see how he could help me.  He walked around the car inspecting each tire and when he got to the forth one he gave me the bad news.

Not only was it NOT safe to drive my car the way it was, but I was lucky that I did not already have a blown tire and a potentially bad accident.  So I thanked my angels for keeping me safe and then Jason offered to put the spare tire on for the day.  He then  walked to the tire store to secure a new tire which he offered to replace that afternoon.  So yes, I am not only grateful to Jason for his kind act of service to me this morning, but he falls into the angel category in my book.

Jason is but one of the angels I know. My list is long but here are a few… My sister, who works as a hospice social worker and comforts families and those dying every day. My mother, who gives of herself and her time to so many people and causes.  My father, who brings joy to those living in retirement homes with his music.  My husband who brings peace and resolution to hurting people every day in his mediation practice. My friends, who offer me unconditional love and support without question or judgement, and the list goes on. To see the hearts of these people, their love for humanity and desire to be present for anyone who comes alongside them can bring me to tears. I am so grateful to them.

So as I reflect on angels in my life, I think fondly too of people who are no longer on this earth and whose presence I miss daily.  Even if I do have moments of sadness for their passing and the loss in my life, I know in my heart they are still with me.  They have been given their wings and are offering myself and those whose lives they touched a new kind of love and grace.  And I know too, that I will see them again one day, when I too receive my wings.

So today I am grateful once again to my angels.

One thought on “Angels among us!

  1. We missed you at family dinner last night, and incredibly we talked of the angels in our lives. You are one of mine. Love you to pieces.


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