After Who Moved My Cheese – What Hem Learned

Picked up this very short little book while I was in Tucson called “Out of the Maze” – An A-Mazing Way to Get Unstuck by Spencer Johnson.  This little sequel cones on the heels of “Who Moved My Cheese?”

I read it in less than an hour and came away with some solid information.  Nothing earth-shattering or mind blowing, but things I know and you know and we sometimes forget that we know that we know!   LOL.

So we all get “in the maze” sometimes. The maze represents our life and patterns that we got stuck in and hold on to and continue to fight for even when it’s not working for us any longer and we need to change.  Change is can be hard.  Change can be scary and unpredictable.  But change is a reality and we need to find the tools to help us.  This cool little gem gives the reader a pathway for adapting to change that can be used in your personal life and career.

I have had so much change in my 55 years of life.  If I didn’t adapt and move on and let go I shutter to think of where I would be right now.  Has every decision been a good one?  Probably not.  Do I regret the changes I have made?  I have done lots of therapy on this one and my answer is that I did the best I could, or made the best decision I could, with the information I had at the time.  So I can’t ask for more than that.

Do you want to change your destiny? Do you need tools to adapt to change?

Here is your pathway in a nutshell.

Notice Your Beliefs.  A belief is a thought that you trust is true.

Don’ Believe Everything You Think.  Sometimes “facts” are just how you see things.

Let Go of What Isn’t Working.  You can’t launch a new quest with old baggage.  I love this one!!!

Look Outside the Maze.  Consider the unlikely and explore the impossible.

Choose a New Belief.  Changing what you think does not change who you are.

There Are No Limits to What You Can Believe.  You can do, experience, and enjoy a lot more than you think you can.

Beliefs are a powerful thing.  So fake it til you make it as they say.

Mark Twain said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble.  It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Remember the Titanic?

Make it a great day.

Joy and Peace Always



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