Simple Pleasures

The Human Obsession With The List | Get Better HeadQuarters

Do you like lists?  I do.  I love to make a good list.  It can be anything from the mundane grocery list to what I need to accomplish this day.  Once I found a card in the store that had a cute list of things to do that were joyful.  I bought the card (I think it was for a birthday celebration) and placed it for a time by my computer.  It brought me joy.

There are so many little ways you can create happiness but I think there is also something to be said about enjoying the simple pleasures in life that already exist in your day. When I take the time to really relish these moments as they present themselves, I find that the simple pleasures are what bring great happiness to my life.

So maybe today you might take a piece of paper and write a list.  Just try it.  It’s super easy and see how it makes you feel. Today I will put a list here of things that come to mind when I think about simple pleasures.  Covid has forced us to do less, to stay home and to change our routine.  Simple Pleasures are beginning to mean so much more.

A small piece of dark chocolate.

Watching the sun rise.  Watching the sun set.

Writing a letter with pen and paper.

A cup of freshly brewed tea.

Taking a bath.

Cuddling under clean sheets.

Curling up with a good book in a comfy chair.

Playing with the dogs.

Listening to music.

Dancing around the kitchen

The feeling you have after a hard workout.

Picking flowers.

Morning coffee.

Stopping to appreciate nature.

Driving with the windows open or the top down.

Fireflies on a summer night.

Flip flops and sundresses.

Having a good laugh.

A chat with a dear friend.

Spending time with people you love.


“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” – Paulo Coelho


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