Enter 2021

Yesterday I chose to spend 5 hours on zoom with people from all over the world – all on a path to better themselves and the communities they live in. A movement to raise the vibration of love and a spirit of giving and service. One of my mentors is Brendon Burchard. I only found him recently – at the start of 2020 in my quest for WISDOM… my word for that fateful year.

Yesterday at the end of our “GrowthDay” summit, Brendon dropped a pearl of great wisdom. He said if 2020 felt like a year of constriction, the equal and opposite reaction would be moving into 2021 as a year of expansion. I loved this and it also fit so well into what God put on my heart as my word for 2021 – ABUNDANCE. Abundance, expansion, that spirit of growing from within is what is motivating me to meet the day no matter what “happens.”

As with so many things I open and read, there was another thread that fit this idea in my prayers and reading this morning. Mark Nepo writes, “We cannot hold on to things and enter. We must put down what we carry, open the door and then take up only what we need to step inside.” Visualizing what I must put down now in order to walk through the door and into this year will be a process for me this week for sure. Things come up all the time and I am grateful for the reminders.

When we learn to fall (and we will), we must remember to get up and only the rare few will then laugh! So let the ego go… let the learning continue because you only learn when you fail but be the person getting up laughing.

One thought on “Enter 2021

  1. Wise words, great perspective. Here’s to a positive outlook for 2021. We make our own world for better or for worse. I vote for BETTER.


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