Soul of a Wanderer

taken in Giverny, France

What’s a girl to do when she loves to travel and can’t grab the passport and hubby and fly?

This pandemic has taught me that I can still nourish my inner explorer even if I can’t get on the plane and be in that exotic location. I can see and experience what is right in front of me and what is around me. I can nourish my soul by taking long walks on the beach and listening wholeheartedly to the waves and the wind. I can nurture relationships with my neighbors and have a meaningful conversation rather than a quick wave and “hello”. I can create fun events to bring people together for a cause even if we are not in the same room. I can stretch myself and learn new things that I never thought were achievable.

Life IS a journey. Are you packed?

Remember, exploration can happen around the block or across the sea. If you still are trying to find that soul of a wanderer, it’s not too late. This evening go out and look at the stars with new eyes. In the morning watch the sunrise and be ready to experience wholeheartedly all that the day has in store.

I hope you will share what you find with me in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Soul of a Wanderer

    • Shruthi, thank you. Yes France is lovely and I have had the pleasure of traveling there in the most of the seasons which has been a wonderful experience too. I hope you will go out and find your soul wandering today

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  1. Memory is one of God’s greatest gifts. We can remember travels of times past, but there is a world of fantasy as well. We can “fancy” ourselves anywhere in the world. Pack your “virtual” bag, go into your memory banks of past experiences or of “bucket list” items. Boy voyage!

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