Who is Shaping You?

Do you let the opinions of other shape you?

Most of us have probably said yes to this question. Shedding light on this question however, I hope will begin to create a work in you to be reminded NOT to let the opinions of other shape you!

We can stop letting others control how we feel or think right now.

Chuang Tzu in the 4th century B.C.E. spoke these words, “The whole world could praise Sung Jung-Tzu and it would not make him exert himself. The whole world could condemn him and it would not make him mope. He drew a clear line between the internal and the external.”

It is difficult to not be shaped by what others think. It is hard to stay true to yourself, while staying open to how others feel without letting them affect you by what they think. Others affect us every day. The spiritual work is to let truth and love shape us from the inside out. Maybe the words of Chuang Tzu can be a reminder not to let the opinions of others change us or shape us.

We all have wants:

The want to be liked.

The want to avoid conflict.

The want to be understood.

We can recognize these wants and at the same time, give the voice from within us freedom to come into the light. By doing so, we may not be liked, we may create conflict with the desire for loving resolution and we may find that in trying to be understood, we may agree to disagree.

So, who is shaping you? If the answer is not Source, God, Your Wise Self then it is time to pause and breath. It is time to take back the wheel and live your true intentions and values.

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