I have a tag line in my email that reads: “We are all just walking each other home” Ram Dass. I have many little phrases like this one that I hold in my heart because they have resonated so much with me during my life. People come and go along our path or our journey through this lifetime. Today, I wanted to recognize the friendships I have formed over almost 60 years of life.

If you go a google search of the word friendship you can go deep down a rabbit hole of different definitions, types, qualities and more. I am blessed and so very grateful for the friendships I have today. Some are new while others are almost as old as I am! These women are truly remarkable and in each one I see qualities and virtues I wish to emulate. I honestly don’t know what my life would look like today if these women were not in my life.

I don’t have to talk to them daily to know they are there. I don’t even have to see them regularly, although when we do manage to get together it is such a gift! Life is busy. We have to work our friendships around obligations, work, family and our own needs. So even though I get bogged down in the day in and day out rhythm of my life, I know in my heart they are with me.

My friends listen to me, they show up, they hold me accountable, they want me to be happy and they are just people I want to be around. I am honored too that they have chosen me too!

Today I just needed to focus on a blessing. My friendships are one of my biggest blessings so I am sending out love to all my dear friends today and saying thank you and I love you!

And I had a hard time choosing a photo…. The smiles and boa’s spoke to my this morning but you guys don’t need a photo to know who you are and just how much I love you!

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