Monday Musings: The Love of a Puppy

Toward the beginning of last year we lost a very special member of our family. Our beloved Chewbacca, a 16 year old Shih tzu rescue had cancer and we had to let him go over the rainbow bridge. If you have ever lost a pet, you know how hard it is and the hole it leaves in your heart.

I soon realized our tribe was not complete without another little dog to balance out our lives with Waylon, our Pit-mix and Willie, our cattle dog. The search was on for a puppy to love.

We were blessed to find a Shih tzu-Lhasa-apso mix! Rex came into our lives in March and is inching toward his one year birthday.

Having a puppy around this past year has been just want the doctor ordered. The energy, love and joy he shows makes us smile and giggle and we feel lighter every day when we get to play with Rex. They are our BEST FRIENDS. They love us unconditionally.

So these amazing animals not only help our hearts grow like the Grinch’s heart, but they do so much more.

  1. Walking and physical activity increase.
  2. A decrease in cortisol levels.
  3. Lowers blood pressure.
  4. Lower risk of heart attacks.
  5. Mood lifters – depression stoppers.
  6. Memory booster as we age.
  7. Ease lonliness.

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I have so many people and pets in my life to love and I so grateful to each one of them!

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