Eight Ways to Get Your Zen on at Work

So I am really getting into this whole “mindfullness” craze.  Looking for ways to increase good health and happiness in the ever changing world with all the distractions is not easy.  I find it even harder personally being an empath and drawing in other people’s energy when need not do that for my own well-being.

Many of us have predictable jobs.  I don’t personally but for those of us who do I think these ideas might help find peace and well-being during the 9 to 5 grind.  Many companies have sought out corporate wellness programs for employees hoping to lessen the amount of “sick days” someone might take and to boost productivity.  I believe it is important to know when you need to detach from your workday in order to feel better.  So here are a few ideas for reducing your stress on the job.

  1. Hide you phone.  You CAN do it!  I promise it will not run away when you go to find it.
  2. Take a break BEFORE lunch.  It’s okay to take a morning break.  Even ten minutes to breath some fresh air, read a magazine article or grab a coffee will improve your mood.
  3. Gossip.  Social time is good for you!  Make sure you keep conversation office-free!  Talk about weekend plans, your dog, your fish, what you plan on cooking for dinner.  Anything but work or people at work.
  4. Disappear.  This does not mean sit on the toilet in the bathroom.  This means take a walk for ten minutes, make a call, mediate or listen to a quick podcast.
  5. Procrastinate.  Take 5 to play a game or day dream.  Your work problem is still there in the background but you may end up with a creative idea or solution in the end.
  6. Volunteer.  It helps you connect to others.  So grab them a cup of coffee if a co-worker is having  a bad day.
  7. Play with a puppy.  Ask your boss. You may just get a yes.  Some companies bring in puppies for some stress relief.
  8. End your day completely.  Leave your work at work.  Don’t take it home if you can help it.

I work from home so some of these are not relevant to me.  I can tell you that there are blessings and curses attached to your office being at home.  One being how to end your day and leave the phone when it is there.  I tried doing some of these things recently and I have felt better and more relaxed.  The world did not come to an end if I let the phone go to voicemail and return a call the following day.  My dogs were happy to have my full attention in the yard to play when I took a meaningful break (not throwing laundry in or emptying a dishwasher) and I always found when I returned to the computer I felt relaxed and less stressed too.



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