To Roll the Stone off the Heart

Sealing the Tomb of Jesus - Olive Tree Blog

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” Is this the life you want?  I know I do.

Jesus’ life is a blueprint of how we are asked to live.  John O’Donohue wrote, “Jesus never avocated a life that confined itself with safe, complacent walls.” Jesus called people out, to move, to break free from the prison of their minds and what society wants us to do.

The Resurrection story in the bible, I believe, is how we are asked to show up to our lives.  We must roll the stone away from the entrance to our heart, so we can live a life that is authentic and true to our soul’s purpose.  To roll the stone off your heart is to live a life free of definitions and false beliefs.

There are places where we all have allowed great stones to cover our hearts.  Like rocks pressing on soil, the grass beneath dies; the same is true for our hearts.  The things that weigh us down, the burdens, hurts, false beliefs, judgements, all have soured and killed parts of our soul.  Others too place stones on our hearts knowingly or unknowingly.  Then it is through the power of forgiveness that the hurts, injustices, and unkind acts can break us free.

To truly live a full and authentic life we must find the power to roll the stone off our heart, crush the slabs that weigh us down and hold us prisoner in mind, body and spirit.  Only then can we find our way out of the dark cave and into the light – the light of our best life.  The life where we find joy and forgiveness, possibility and wonder, freedom and abundance.


Close your eyes and picture Christ’s tomb. A cave, dark and dank, sealed up holding only death inside.  Now visualize that stone being moved away and an invitation to break free to escape into the light.  That light pours in and what has been trapped is now free.  There is life and breath.  Fresh air and open space.  This is your life.  Step out and welcome the infinite possibilities that it has waiting for you.  See yourself moving through the life you want.  What steps you must take to get there and never look back.


What are the barriers that confine or imprison you?  List them and then write an affirmation or some action you can take to overcome that barrier.

Who do you need to forgive?

Wouldn’t it bring such peace and freedom to your life if you thought about yourself, your feelings your prayers could become a mirror which would look inward to the presence of the Divine?

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