Monday Musings: Affirmations

It’s been a minute since I have come here to write. I have slowly learned NOT to beat myself up when I set a goal or intention and it does not happen. I am not saying that I give myself grace all the time, but I am getting better at it.

It is good to be back and sharing my March Madness with you. Along with my morning reading, my “newer” hobbies have included weekly Italian lessons and ballroom dance. I am preparing for a trip to Italy and spending time in school there. I am also preparing and practicing for my first dance showcase coming up the end of April. Stretching myself, putting myself out there and not being afraid to try something new and even fail is a good thing. I am leaning in to find joy, to be kind to myself and to live as full a life as I can.

This past month as I have taken time in the morning to read from a series of devotionals, I have added a step. With a small sticky-note, I write an affirmation from each reading that I carry with me during the day. Then each night before I go to bed, I have taken a moment to give thanks for those words and trust that a seed was planted.

I don’t know how long I will do this exercise, but just like this blog, allowing myself the grace to let it be and even let it go is ok. I don’t always say the same prayers. I don’t offer up the same yoga classes each week nor do I practice the same meditations so I am letting go of the pressure.

I hope you too will give yourself a bit more grace.

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