Sermon On The Mat #3 – Unexpected Gifts

The unexpected moment is always sweeter.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Life is always bringing unexpected gifts.

Yesterday a dear friend gave me a beautiful journal that she picked up.  She said that when she saw it, she thought of me. And that is how I became the proud owner of this gift.  This out of the blue, unexpected gift got me thinking of all the ways we share our gifts or can share our gifts every day.

Our gifts don’t always come wrapped in a pretty paper with a lovely bow on top.  Although those are nice, gifts of the heart can be just as sweet.  Here are a few ways we can share.

Greet the person you are next to with a warm smile and a compliment or greet them hello.

Offer to help someone.

Send a letter or card for no other reason than you thought about them.

Hug your spouse or significant other and offer a compliment. Let them know you appreciate them.

Let someone know you believe in them.

Extend a hand of friendship.

Kindness – right.  Show kindness.

Time is a great unexpected gift!

When we make even a small effort we can create a huge impact and the cost is FREE.  THAT is something we all can afford.

I believe the best gifts are not the ones we get wrapped in paper and bows but the memories we make with people we love!

I love my friend dearly.  She means so much to me and I have enjoyed watching our friendship grow over the years.  The unexpected surprise and joy of my journal is now a part of my journal and my memories!

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