The Key to Wonder


What is the key to wonder? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Honestly I had not until recently when I came across a verse in Proverbs that said, ” On the heels of humility comes the wonder of God.” (Proverbs 22:4)

As I sat with this statement in mediation it became clear that only through humility can we truly experience wonder. Humility is not a feeling per se.  Humility is a trait of character more than it can be considered a state of mind.  I believe humility grows and flourishes within one’s self only after you discover the interconnectedness of all things.  Can you allow yourself to feel a part of every living thing on the planet? Every blade of grass, every bumblebee and worm, every animal and tree.  Humility comes when we bring to light the transient nature of our being.

I believe that as humility grows, wonder deepens.  We can see ourselves as temporary expressions of God’s timeless and infinite unfolding. We all die. We all have a common fate and through that realization a compassion to embrace all beings grows.  So as we awaken to the unity of all in ALL, we discover that our will is now one with the Divine Will.  There will be a sense, a desire, to go out and heal the world through lovingkindness and you will want to choose what is right over what is wrong.  As your actions display genuine humility – when you stand in solidarity with all and in wonder of God, when you stand empty of self and mistakes in which “the self” is prone – then the Divine is revealed with and around you.  Then you are alive to the glory of creation and live the life of the world to come NOW!

In opening your mind and heart to the manifestation of the world to come being in the present – here and now, we not only create and manifest heaven on earth but we grow humble in the process allowing our pride to melt away as wonder embraces you.  Pride deludes you into separateness and you come to believe you are alone in the world and that you do only for yourself in the world.  Your success, your wealth is yours and yours alone.  These are lies because there really is no “alone.” You are a part of the other, and all are a part of the ONE.

Did you become wealthy alone? No!  At every step, others helped you.  Whether you have recognized this or not, your success was on the backs of others aiding you.  Even the clothes we wear and the food we eat, the homes we live in and our knowledge came to us from the minds and hands of others.  How can we not recognize and appreciate this while accepting this is a debt we can never repay.

From this debt humility grows and owing the world leads to respecting the world.  Knowing that you are who you are and have what you have by the grace and sweat and toil of others, you cannot help but embrace the world and all who dwell on this earth with compassion and generosity.

So maybe the next time you find yourself in prayer or mediation, try and empty your mind of thoughts.  Empty yourself with the desire to be filled with God. We can do this by emptying thoughts, focusing on breathing, allowing the breath to quiet the mind and still the body, and then releasing our self or soul from the falseness of separateness.  As you come into prayer or contemplation, let your hearts desire move you toward gentleness, humility and peace.




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