Why I Love Teaching Yoga

Let me start by saying here that some days I truly feel like I have hit the jackpot when it comes to the work I do!  Imagine being able to spend your time and energy on something that fills your heart and fills your soul and you get paid for it.  I could just pinch myself some days – especially those days when I am “on the scene” taking photos of families and corporate folks, brides and grooms full of love.  Then I get to add in the hours I spend sharing and teaching yoga at The Zoo and Golds Gym, Bliss and Holy Cow.  Of course there are also those amazing, kind and so wonderful ladies at SeaIsland Preschool.

The road was a twisty and turning one getting to this place in my life.  I love holding the camera.  Meeting new people and seeing old familiar faces that trust me year after year.  I love getting people to smile and relax enough to show their light.  I love putting on yoga pants (they are SO comfortable) and sharing this practice far and wide.  I love how every day is never the same.

I wanted to take a minute to share some of the reasons why I feel that my yoga training and teaching is so much more than a job and more of a blessing in my life.

Everyone has the most beautiful light shining in them.  The more we come to the mat, the practice of yoga facilitates an experience of the self and opens us up to our personal power and potential.  We being to see our light shine brighter and our minds open to the infinite possibilities of life! As a teacher I get to be witness to that and it so rewarding.  As a student, I know how it feels and the power it has to heal and transform.

Then I get beyond jazzed by the idea that I am being of service and always prayerful that I am making a difference for someone.  I love the fact that I can offer something to someone that can be helpful, inspirational and of service.  I wholeheartedly believe in the uplifting power of yoga and I feel myself, and can some times see in others, yoga’s transformative, rejuvenating, restorative and healing power that keep us coming back.

This November I am offering my first retreat out of the country to my dear friends, Marc and Dayna’s resort in Nicaragua called Verdad!

Perhaps there is someone reading this that will feel the spirit moving inside them to come along!  That YES this is perfect timing for me and I am ready and open to this adventure kind of feeling.  I hope you will reach out to me and come along.  I have so much I want to share with you.

My Yoga and Self-Renewal Retreat will be a way for you to unplug for a week.  There will be opportunities to practice, to be still, to be pampered, to play, and to be in community with some amazing people.




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