What Brings You Down?

Feeling down? You're not alone

You know the song… “rainy days and Monday’s always get me down.”

Well I can’t really say that rainy days or Monday’s get me down but I can tell you that there are things that really do get me down.  I think all of us share that commonality.  They may not be the same issues or things, but the feelings associated with those people, places or events feel the same.

I don’t really want to go down the rabbit hole of sadness and negative thinking but just to share a few, here are some things that if I let them, can surely bring me down.  My relationship with my daughter is a big one.  The fact that my business is not where I think it should be right now can paralize me.  Covid and my inability to hug everyone I see or to go out to dinner makes me feel like a hamster in a cage.  Travel is off the table; that brings me down too.  I can go on and on but then I will end up in my bed with the covers pulled over my head and I don’t want to do that!

So, what brings you down?  And the bigger (and better) question, what do you do about it?

This is what separates the high performance people from the rest of us.  If we let the stinking thinking out play our affirmations we lose. So what can we do to put our feelings and emotions in their place?  Here are some ideas:

1- Acknowledge the sadness:  Its only then, that you allow yourself to begin to heal. Acknowledging the sadness has to happen to be able to let it go. It’s going to hurt and you’re going to feel like collapsing on the floor sometimes, and it’s okay. Do it and move on…

2- Fill the voids with meaningful things:  All of the situations that bring on sadness make us feel the same, empty, hollow. You need to start filling that hole so it can heal. Here is a list of things that might fill the void: service, meditation, uplifting hobbies, more time with your family, a break from your routine, music, touch like massage or reiki, add omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, eating well and getting plenty of sleep, watching the negative self talk and reversing it, journal.

3- Don’t feel guilty about being happy:  It’s OKAY to be happy! You don’t have to doom yourself into a life of suffering.  If you want to go there and feel sad, give yourself a certain amount of time and then stop.  Don’t let the feelings and emotions take over.

4- Forgive-  BIGGIE!  Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing a toxic person back into your life or accepting a situation.  It means moving on.  Start somewhere, and move forward. And double check because sometimes, the person that needs to be forgiven, is yourself.

5- Write a letter: There is something very therapeutic about writing a letter to the person, place or thing causing you sadness. Whether it be a sickness, death, a loss, a break up, fear, disappointment, family problems… whatever it is, write it a letter. Put down every feeling you have about it.  Then burn it or put it in a box or drawer and remember that it is now out – you have placed it into the universe.  And it’s not yours alone to bare any more.

6- Keep Living: I know it’s hard to do but please, don’t rob yourself of your one precious life.  Keep living and recognize when you are limiting what you do based on your circumstances.  Please live! You have this gift of your life and this present moment.  Make the most of it because once it is gone you can’t get it back.

And remember to breathe.

I would love to hear from you.  It is good to know we are holding space for each other


2 thoughts on “What Brings You Down?

  1. Wow, just what I needed at this moment in time. I was busy writing my own post and then noticed that there were 2 posts added from my ‘followed’. Clicked on this and it has saved me my own post. I’m struggling with a niggling thought at the moment. Number 4 and number 6 in particular have hit me. I feel I have been taken away from my illusion of what I expected things to be. She was toxic and life is a gift that you receive only once. Many thanks


  2. I am grateful for your reply and I am happy this resonated with you. This has been on my heart and with my daughter who has such a victim mentality I see how living in this state ruins your days and eats away at your life. Keep living. Reverse the negative thoughts. Believe you are worth it!


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